Corporate Ethics and Values
Our company’s values unite employees, nurture a positive work environment, and drive success by aligning personal growth with business growth, transmitting our culture to our partners.

Valos continuously evolves, grows and strives to become and therefore remain the number one in the field of statistical solutions for clinical trials, thus taking a serious responsibility for achieving positive outcomes for both individual patients and society as a whole. The realization of this is made possible by a team of highly qualified specialists. Recruitment process is subject to special care selecting not just professionals, but people striving for the same goal and sharing the same values.

Mutual Respect

We promote clear values of mutual respect and cooperation. We understand each other’s differences and value the expression of everyone’s ideas, helping each other to improve.

Focus on projects’

We focus as much as possible on the result, the main goal is to successfully complete any project in accordance with the highest requirements. We develop best practices and innovative solutions, achieve high-quality timely work, allowing the company a stable leadership and the opportunity to promote itself as a reliable partner.


Trust is based on honesty and transparency within the company. We trust each other and are driven by the same goals and values. We are also not afraid to ask for help, because we are aware that no question will remain without response and we are ready to help anyone who needs it.

Commitment and enthusiasm

We are aware of the important role of our company. Our activities are crucial in the field of biomedical research and this motivates us to carry out our activities with great enthusiasm and dedication to successfully complete any project.


We work as a team not only for daily activities but also to solve any critical issues and make decisions, taking personal responsibility for their implementation. We are aware of our role in the process of solving the set tasks and understand how any of our actions can affect the overall result of the whole team.

Growth and development

We constantly strive to develop and improve our professional skills, learn, grow and find new innovative solutions, always focusing on quality, through process optimization and an efficient distribution of the workload. This allows us to be flexible and keep up with the times.